The Combina

Atreyu Key started his journey in photography junior year of High School. Deep in the ranges of Botetourt County, a relocated Georgian, first noticed his eye while using his camera phone. " I was riding to a friends house in the passenger seat. We were coming around a turn on the winding roads in Buchanan, Virginia, and I saw an opening coming up overlooking the mountains. I said to my buddy driving, "slow down, slow down I want to get this shot." He says to me, "what are you talking about?, as he slows down the car. I hung outside the window, shooting towards the driver side holding my phone as steadily as possible. I grabbed the shot, sat back down in the car, turn to my buddy and go, "see, what do you think??". He replied, " Wow, seriously man, you've got an eye."

Atreyu later bought his first camera three years later while in Air Force technical training in San Antonio, Texas. " It was a $300 Sony, the NEX-3C. I remember going up to random people and volunteering as much as I could to be the photographer. My group of friends and I would go up fire escapes and spend hours walking around Downtown, San Antonio, TX. We were all just hobbyist at the time. I didn't think much of it. It was fun." 

After making the jump to his current camera, Sony A7rii, Atreyu made an even bigger jump to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his dream as a photographer. " I knew what I was getting myself into. And coming right out of the Air Force, I practically gave up everything to pursue my dream. I'm up against thousands of photographers in Los Angeles; surprisingly, its rather energizing than intimidating."  

In Atreyu's short time of becoming a professional photographer he has developed an impressively promising client lists. He has shot for national companies such as Johnny Rockets, BIC Soleil, ORS Haircare, Hot Tools, and more. Consistently he has shot for internet based brands for lifestyle fashion and fitness apparel social media feeds and website. Atreyu has demonstrated that passion with determination will ultimately drive success in all of your endeavors. With plans to travel more all over the world, he is undeniably one to watch closely on his photography journey. 




Los Angeles, CA 90014